Resources for At-Risk Youth and Families

    Local organizations are working diligently to support at-risk youth and families through a wide variety of programs. MPT's list of resources provide information on everything from homeless youth shelters and drop in centers, to violence prevention efforts and alternative education programs.

    This section includes general resources as well as resources and programs for the homeless (listed further down on the page). 

    General Resources

    Baltimore City Public Schools 
    Alternative Programs

    Explore accelerated pace programs for middle and high school students to help them get back on track. From career and youth academies, to the “second chance” Baltimore Community High School, students can find one of many ways to succeed.

    Counseling Programs for Adolescent Youth
    Find a service directory for counseling programs in the Baltimore area.

    Department of Juvenile Services
    The agency strives to appropriately manage, supervise and treat youth who are involved in the juvenile justice system in Maryland. 

    Dropout Prevention Educational Activities/Resources
    Visit PBSLearning Media's classroom resources and content to support teachers, parents, caregivers and mentors who are helping at-risk students overcome key learning obstacles on the path from preschool through graduation.

    House of Hope Maryland
    House of Hope Maryland is a non-denominational, not for profit Christian organization committed to serving teenagers in need, and offering hope and support to their families.  

    Living Classrooms
    Living Classrooms provides a broad range of services, supports and programs for disadvantaged children and youth in Baltimore City.

    Maryland State Department of Education
    Get connected to MSDE's programs and resources to support struggling learners, and those at risk of dropping out of school.

    The Chesapeake Center for Youth Development
    The mission of CCYD is to integrate youth development, social services, health, arts and recreational services to improve the quality of life, strengthen family connections, increase employment opportunities, and build healthy communities. 

    The Intersection
    The Intersection transforms high school students from underserved areas into leaders with the skills to go to and through college and to engage in civic action. 

    The Choice Program
    The Choice Program is a community-based, family-centered case management approach to delinquency prevention and youth development. 

    Thread engages underperforming high school students confronting significant barriers outside of the classroom by providing each one with a family of committed volunteers and increased access to community resources. 

    Youth Empowerment Society
    The YES Drop-In Center is Baltimore City’s first and only drop-in center for homeless youth. YES Drop-In Center is a safe space for youth who are homeless and between the ages of 14-25, to get basic needs met and establish supportive relationships.  

    Yo! Westside and Eastside (Youth Opportunities)
    YO! Baltimore serves out-of-school youth and young adults citywide at two centers. Adults provide support services and opportunities for participants to reach their academic and career goals. 

    300 Men March
    Baltimore's violence prevention organization recruits volunteers from across the spectrum of the community to engage in violence prevention and deterrence activities. In 2015, the organization created the 300 Youth COR, a group of Baltimore City adolescents ages 15 - 19 that are equipped with the knowledge, skills, confidence and motivation to minimize their risk for involvement in violence. 


    Resources for the Homeless 

    Homeless Services
    Learn about services and resources available to homeless youth in Baltimore. Programs include everything from free lunch and transportation services, to uniform vouchers and free school supplies.

    Baltimore City Street Card
    Access this handy card for the address and phone number for shelters, meal providers and day resource centers in the city. This street card is updated annually by the Mayor’s office for Human Services.

    Baltimore Homeless Shelters and Services
    Find a helpful list of services and supports available in Baltimore. Programs include everything from shelters and transitional services, to drug and alcohol treatment resources.

    Hearts and Homes for Youth
    Hearts and Homes provide support services for struggling and disadvantaged adolescents throughout Maryland. They offer a chance to start over through diverse programs involving psychological therapy, life skills, career development training, and academic services.

    Hope Forward
    Hope Forward connects transitioning foster youth (ages 17-25) with life skills resources and long-term solutions, and empowers youth to create systems change through leadership and advocacy.

    Family and Children’s Services
    FCS provides a broad range of free and low-fee support services for every member of the family, from infants to senior citizens.

    Loving Arms, Inc.
    Loving Arms operates the only emergency shelter, specifically for youth, between the age of 12 and 18 in the state of Maryland.

    Maryland Department of Human Resources
    Bureau of Homeless Services
    The Bureau of Homeless Services coordinates statewide efforts aimed at reducing the numbers of homeless households in Maryland. Find information about; eviction prevention, food pantry assistance, help paying a utility bill or communicating with a landlord, and others services. 

    Maryland 2-1-1 Health and Human Services
    Call on Maryland’s 2-1-1 service for assistance and support in a wide variety of areas and specialties. These programs include; housing and homeless services, healthcare, mental health, substance abuse, children and family services, and more.

    Youth Empowered Society
    The organization works to end homelessness in Baltimore by supporting currently/formerly homeless youth to become leaders in our community and by providing desperately needed, direct services to homeless youth. 




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