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Maryland Data

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Several comprehensive reports and plans provide valuable data on school performance, progress and instruction in Maryland schools. From data analysis to assessments and benchmarks, the reports cover a wealth of information useful for parents, educators, school officials and communities.

See where we stand as a state and find handy user’s guides with information and guidance on how to improve schools.

Maryland Report Card
The Maryland Report Card provides comprehensive data about state performance and breaks it down by state, county and school. Find information about the Maryland School Assessment (MSA) and High School Assessment (HSA), school progress, accountability, enrollment, attendance and graduation data, demographics and news articles.

School Improvement in Maryland
The School Improvement website offers resources and user’s guides for students, parents, educators and administrators. Filled with valuable information and guidance on how to improve schools, the site also provides data analysis, school assessments, instruction and a toolkit to assist educators in teaching the State Curriculum and Core Learning Goals.

Civic Marshall Plan
The Civic Marshall Plan State Indices compile indicators of each state’s progress in addressing the dropout challenge using national metrics at significant grade levels. The Plan provides a quick, easy-to-understand snapshot of each state’s status in meeting the graduation challenge, tallied against important benchmarks. They also identify the areas that need improvement if the state is to reach a graduation rate of 90 percent or higher by 2020.