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Youth Programs And Resources

Youth with a mentor

Explore and learn more about a variety of services for at-risk youth and their families.  Several local community and state organizations are working diligently to reduce the dropout crisis by offering alternative education and student support programs.

Opportunities for youth include everything from after-school and evening programs, to alternative education options, behavior intervention and counseling. These programs provide a positive platform to help students get back on track. The Maryland State Department of Education and local school districts offer a range of services to support students mentally, emotionally and academically.

Baltimore City Resources

Baltimore City Mayor’s Office of Employment Development
MOED’s Youth Services division oversees FUTURES Works, a dropout prevention program that provides daily comprehensive services to students in targeted high schools in Baltimore City.

Baltimore City Public Schools
School Options

What you need to succeed! Baltimore City Public Schools provides students with access to the programs, opportunities and supports they need to succeed academically, in life, and after school. Explore options ranging from neighborhood schools and alternative programs, to public day schools and a Career Academy.

Baltimore City Public Schools
Alternative Paths to a High School Diploma

There is always an alternative! Baltimore City Public Schools offers a wide range of opportunities and programs to meet students’ educational needs and/or earn the equivalent of a high school diploma. These programs are designed for those students who have fallen behind, have difficulties succeeding in a traditional environment, or are going through difficult family/life circumstances.

Baltimore City Public Schools
Department of Student Support and Safety

Find a comprehensive system of support services for students and families that create cultures and climates where academic needs of students can be met.

Baltimore City Office of Enrollment, Choice and Transfer
Learn about a variety of school options for PreK--12 students in Baltimore City.

Baltimore City Office of Turnaround Schools
Explore turnaround schools in Baltimore City. The office supports students and families by opening new schools, expanding high-performing schools, closing its lowest-performing schools and turning around struggling schools.

City Neighbors Foundation
Find out about a foundation that supports three City Neighbors Schools by offering partnerships, training, and events to impact students, teachers, families, and the school system.

Johns Hopkins University
Center on School, Family and Community Partnerships

The center conducts and disseminates research, programs, and policy analyses that produce new and useful knowledge and practices that help parents, educators, and members of communities work together to improve schools, strengthen families, and enhance student learning and development.

Maryland Adult Education and Literacy Services Program (GED and Diploma Options)
Access GED information in Maryland, from preparation to diploma options, to classes and test dates.

National GED Testing Information
Find valuable information about the national GED test including resources and information for educators, students, families and the public.

Maryland State Department of Education
Dropout Prevention Guide

Use Maryland’s statewide resource guide for a list of programs, initiatives, tools and evidenced-based practices to address the issue of school non-completion. Learn about local initiatives being used successfully to address the dropout prevention/intervention/recovery crisis.

YO! Baltimore
Youth Opportunities Baltimore serves out-of-school youth and young adults citywide at two youth-friendly centers. Caring adults provide wide-ranging support services and opportunities for participants to reach academic and career goals.