The Graduation Rate


    image boy at deskToday’s global economy demands a highly educated workforce, requiring more students to graduate from high school prepared for colleges and careers. The vitality of our local and national communities relies greatly on the success of our youth, and caring, consistent adults that help our youth stay on the path to success. In Maryland, we have made great strides in improving educational outcomes, and our high school graduation rates have been rising steadily over the last few years.


    Positive Change

    Educators, school leaders, community organizations, youth workers, and advocacy groups are working diligently to combat the dropout crisis and set the stage for ongoing and positive change. These efforts have certainly paid off. Yet, even with this encouraging news, we still have a long way to go to ensure that all children succeed in school. 

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    Dropout Crisis

    While the numbers are improving, Maryland is still facing an ongoing dropout crisis and a significant number of students are at-risk of falling behind in school. Below are some of the factors affecting the high school dropout rates, both locally and nationally. 

    • Chronic absenteeism
    • Learning disabilities
    • Low socioeconomic status/low-income background
    • Race: young men of color lag behind other subgroups of students

    The impact of the dropout crisis reaches much farther than at-risk students, families and schools. There is a serious economic and social impact on communities, neighborhoods, and the state as a whole.  

    • The unemployment rates are higher for high school drop outs
    • Half of all Americans on public assistance are dropouts
    • High school dropouts have a higher rate of being imprisoned

    Learn more about the dropout crisis and what American Graduate is doing nationally to raise awareness and improve outcomes.  

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